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We offers well appointed luxurious rooms which are gracefully decorated and furnished with all modern amenities.

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About Antra's Camp

Everyone should go on vacation every year, now it is great time to take a vacation, to explore the natural beauty. if you have made the final plan go on vacation, but the main important question where. If you want to explore the natural beauty and adventure Jaisalmer is the best place where you can enjoy as well as explore the natural thing.

We provide the best desert camps for families and even single people to get away from the dailu hustle bustle of their lives.

Nature-lovers, camel ride is meant for you!Jaisalmer Feeling the splendid beauty of sunsets and sunrises from the sand dunes

Rajasthani folk music and dance while you enjoy evening tea and delicious snacks. & Buffeet Dinner

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Camel Safari

Camel Safari at Sam sand dune is one of the oldest outdoor activity. Here you hire a camel for a one to two-hour safari tour at the desert dunes of Sam. The mid point of this tour is the Sun set point at Sam, which is a perfect spot to grab pictures of all the dunes and an incredible sun set or sun rise.

Jeep Safari

In a jeep safari tour at Sam sand dune, you hire a whole jeep or book a seat in a shared vehicle which will take you 3-4 dunes which are 30 to 60 meter tall. As private cars are not allowed to drive on the sand dunes of Sam, a ride on a Jeep is the only option and it’s quite entertaining.

Walk at Sam sand dune

And finally, you can plan a walk at the 3-5 km sand dune area of Sam, and there is no entry fee. A good time to enjoy a free walk at sand dunes is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM or early morning from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM, as the weather is calmer.